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How much should I expect to pay for a kitten?

All kittens are priced based on sex, color, and parentage. Maine Coons are not cheap.
A reputable breeder will never sell for only a few hundred dollars.
Please private message for serious price inquiry.
All kittens receive 2 set of Distemper vaccinations at 8 and 12 weeks old, Rabies vaccinations, are microchipped, dewormed twice, and have their fecal sample sent to the laboratory. Kittens are examined by a licensed veterinarian 3 times (5 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks old) and all records will be sent over. 
Kittens are sold as pet only. We do not offer breeding rights at this time.
New owners are responsible for getting kittens sprayed/neutered. Castration is essential and highlighted in our contract.
Females- Between 5-6 months
Male- No later than 8 months 
All kittens and litters are registered with TICA. Pedigrees are given upon request of the buyers. More information is listed in our contract.

How do I reserve a kitten?

You should send an inquiry through our email, website, facebook, instagram, or tiktok.
*Email or website is preferred and most efficient for this process*
Please list your questions and color/sex preferences. 
We will then get back to you with information about availability and what the next steps are (questionnaire, contract, and deposit) 
 We have always done a first come first serve basis for our kittens, but we have a list for those seriously interested. Availability for kittens are always listed on this web page and sometimes facebook/instagram/tiktok. Please reach out to us for more info.
To ensure that all kittens are healthy and growing properly, we will not accept any forms of reservations until kittens are born AND had their 1st vet check at 5 weeks old. 
We require an $800 deposit to reserve a kitten, and the remaining balance is paid upon pickup.
For an approximate total cost inquiry, reach out privately.
Prior to the deposit, our contract must be signed and our questionnaire must be answered. 

How do I pay for my kitten?

Deposits are excepted through electronic payments: Venmo or Paypal, or CASH. All electronic transactions must be sent as "friends or family", we will not accept transactions if not done correctly.
*Note that failure to send electronic payments properly through Venmo or Paypal may delay the reservation of your kitten. 
*Personal checks are not excepted

Where can I see the contract & questionnaire?

If you would like to see our contract and questionnaire, please reach out privately.  

Are your cats health tested?

Yes, all our breeding cats have had DNA tests- including testing for PDK, SMA, HCM, and 47 other genetic variants. Any cats that test positive are not used in our breeding program.  
We are in the process of completing all Echocardiograms as we add to our program. 
Testing of parents can always be provided upon request. 

Can I see the kittens in person and visit before I put a deposit?

Please do not ask if you can come and pick out your kitten, see kittens in person, etc. This is our family home - please be respectful of that. 
Due to the susceptibility of young kittens, it is very easy for them to be exposed to germs that you bring in. Something as simple as bringing in viruses on your clothes or shoes could affect & get a kitten sick. 
We are always available and send photos and videos of kittens weekly. 
If you feel uncomfortable or nervous sending a deposit prior to seeing a kitten, we are more than happy to a Facetime/Video Chat where we can introduce ourselves and show you the kitten. 
There are special circumstances where we may allow you to come OR if you have placed a deposit on a kitten, then arrangements can be made. 

What is the housing situation of kittens?

All our cats and kittens are raised indoors in our family home. We expect that new owners will do the same for your kitten. We do have a catio that is attached to our home that is gated/screened and protected from any outside predators, but only the adult cats use this.
It's not recommended to have a young kitten outside since their immune systems are still developing and fragile.  We expect that your kitten will be an indoor pet.
When your kitten is much older, outside activity with harness & supervision is okay... Please be aware this is your own responsibility, and your cat will grow to be more curious to the outside world.

What is the difference between male & female Maine Coons?

Maine Coons are a very popular breed, mostly known for their great size and "dog-like personality". The big difference is that males are bigger in size. According to TICA's Standards: Females can be between 7.9-12 lbs &
Males 13-18 lbs
*All our breeding cats are from European dissent and some are much larger than the TICA standard weight. 
We believe that each kittens personality is different & have their own unique personalities. Some are more cuddly, while some are more playful. It all depends.
All kittens are socialized with humans and children. We don't have any dogs or other animals, but as long as introduction is slow & appropriate, there shouldn't be any issues with other pets. 

I'm scared of being scammed, are you a real person?

Yes! We are a family of 4 that all contribute to Budz Cattery. Our lives revolve around our family and Maine Coons. We are never offended if someone is cautious of scammers.
We are TICA registered and you can find us under Connecticut Maine Coon Breeders. We are always willing to provide references from past clients or any vet information. 

Do you sell retired cats?

If any of our cats retire, they will be placed with either a family member or any client that is interested. Retired cats are NOT free but will be discounted from kitten price. You may reach out privately about inquires for upcoming retiree 

Do maine coons gets along with dogs?

Yes! Maine coons get along with dogs great. Unfortunately, our household doesn't have any dogs. (Only cats for now!!) But we have many many clients with dogs who have said that their new kitten has adapted & now get along great with their new fur siblings.
Here are some photos! 

What do you feed your kittens?

We feed our kittens with Purina Pro Plan Kitten Kibbles/Dry Food and Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Classic Pate. 
Our Breeding cats eat the same brands for adults. 
Although we recommend this brand of food, you are welcome to feed your kitten a different brand. Please be sure to gradually switch the food through a 7 day period. Please be aware that diarrhea or an upset stomach may occur during this transition. 
Reach out to us for any additional info/questions. 
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